Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghost Storie

If you dare to come to OHS then you should be prepared for the Eagles Ghost. His name is Franklin. He was bullied, and that’s how he became a ghost to be a non-bullies protector. Franklin is 5’5 and he is about 762 years old. He wears a big pink bandana. He wears a pink fluffy coat but no one can see him because he is invisible. He has Red hair and it is explosive fluffy. Franklin is a friendly ghost sometimes. He protects kids from getting bullied by scaring the bullies and one time he scared some bully so bad that he left and never came back.
                  Do you know where this ghost lives? He lives in Room 322. He haunts this room because there are bullies in this room. When the teacher isn’t looking the ghost writes on the board and makes jokes about the teacher. Everyone knows its Franklin. The Teacher Gets so annoyed. One day Franklin tripped Mr. Havranek and spilled his coffee.
 Franklin is a nice ghost sometimes and a mean ghost. He is a nice ghost. When he protects the kids that are getting bullied by the bully. He is mean sometimes, and Once he slammed the locker doors to get a bully in trouble. So if you ever come To The Eagle’s house get ready for the Eagles ghost Named Franklin. So Be prepared to get scared if you’re a bully and 1 thing never call Franklin names.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween at Hogwarts

Ray H
Period 4

Halloween at Hogwarts

When Harry Walked in the Great Hall, he could hear the wind growling at the windows like a bear. He could smell the slow, juicy, steak cooking. Harry stammered at the door waiting for a century. While they were eating like monsters, Harry was outside the door. Suddenly a Wizard with a wand magically opened the door and Harry could hear the sensation going on in the room.
 The room was enormous. It was looking fabulous but there were some sticky, slimy spider webs. Then suddenly everybody stopped and was in slow-motion. The thunder and lighting was so frightening and the lightning was so luminous like the sun. It blinded everybody for a couple of  seconds.  Suddenly a ghost flew by me, and Harry flew around like a ballerina dancing.
Harry said, “Whosh ,That was a close one. Gosh darn it ghosts!” 
Suddenly love and tears came into Harry’s eyes. He smelled the loveliest thing in the world. There were beautiful cloths on the table with forks and everything you could imagine. There was prime rib and ham. Harry dug in that like a leopard into his prey. It tasted so Imaginary that someone had to slap Harry just to tell him that is was real. Harry forgot that there was still a lot of food left. There was deer jerky that tasted moist. There was roast and turkey that you can't even explain how good it was.
Harry just heard something over the intercom. They said that the races were starting. Wizards Vs Witches; who will win? The wizards won of course they have so much skill. The ghosts were playing hide and in seek. They were zooming around the room so quickly that I almost fell over. I had the best Halloween in the century. Next year I will be coming and a lot of people will be coming and they will be astonished of what we do on Halloween.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nursey Rhymes

Jack and jill
Went skipping up a hill
to go on a mission to go fetch a bucket of h20
Jack fainted to the ground.
And ruined his beautiful crown
and jill came rumbling and tumbling down the tall mountain