Friday, December 19, 2014

Free Verse Nature Poem

Every time I think about nature
Why does mother nature have to do this
She does it because she helps us
If mother nature wasn’t here we wouldn’t be alive
So if you want to hate nature then go hate somewhere else
Because in Nebraska we are known for the nature of beauty
Plains here and there
Wind howling
People driving
The nature of Nebraska
The land of free and land of mother Nature

Author Note- Free verse poem and I was doing this just for random fun

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Losing brothers
fighting for free
Your never free but your free
Seeing friends on ground
Don't let it get to you
Keep fighting
You will remember you brothers
Us marines For free and Freedom

Free verse

Nebraska land of free
Never know will it will take you
Old dirt roads
Hill sides
Fords going down dirt roads
dirt roaring in the background
wind blowing
Nebraska never know will it will take you

Nebraska Poem

A name for corn
A place for Huskers
Farming farming corn and beans
Country side hills
Praires everywhere
Praires and farmland
Praire dogs running
Deer grunting
Nature Beliving 
Dirt roads
Urban ares
Cars cars everywhere
in Nebraska you got miles and miles to go
Different weather cold hot and warm
never know with old Nebraska
Nebraska farmers farming cars cars and miles to go

Persona Poem

I the clock ticking
Taking out energy
I covered my face with my hands
Tick tick tox
people staring at my face
checking time
Wishing the time would pass bye

Season Poem

The Rain
the rain feels like soft water
the rain looks like transparent small and shiny like glass
the rain sounds like calmness and it reminds me of a fossit dripping

Free Verse

Everytime i walk through the shimmering drive way I think of my farm
Herding cows and chickens
Breeding and loving
sitting on gates watching babies play like little cats. 
my farm forever 
shimmering in the sunlight
birds crowing and singing
smell of hay and fresh trees blowing in the wind
rosters waking me up
My farm
will never forget

Free write Friday Poem

Muzzle loader hunting
through the trees
looking for a buck
storming throughout the woods
Bucks calling for does
while were in the dark like shadows
looking above seeing a rainbow
thinking this is my day for a lucky deer
fallen leaves on the ground
deer stomping on the ground the rainbow wish me a pot of deer

Friday, December 12, 2014

Ode Poem About Nebraska

A name for corn
A place for Huskers
Farmers farming corn and beans
Country side hills
plains everywhere
prairies and farmland
Prairey dogs running
Deer Grunting
Nature be living
Dirt roads
Urban areas cars cars everywhere
In Nebraska you got miles and miles to go
different weather cold hot and warm
never know where Nebraska will take you
Nebraska farmers farming cars and cars and miles to go

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Found Poem

Football teaches valuable lessons
Football you'll find the best in anyone
Be prepared there's no winning or losing
Believe in your dreams and it will come true
Come throught the brick wall blocking your putting you down
Push through that wall and you will succeed

Extended Metaphor

The longer you hold on the longer you will live
Life is a rough ride
Bumps everywhere through
The more you survive the more expirence of life's bumpy ride through the world